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We have 90 days until Spring– hopefully this winter weather wont continue too long and we are back to warm weather so we can look forward to riding everyday!

Here are some proud accomplishments The Riderz Foundation made in 2018. Enjoy!
License Plate Flier-for2019

Utah Motorcycle Awareness License Plate

This plate is to remind drivers to stay alert and Look Twice and Save A Life! It will be available for vehicles, trucks, trailers and RVs. Be the first 500 applicants to submit your pre-paid orders online and get the chance to vote for your favorite logo and receive a special gift with your purchase. Be the solution and help us bring awareness to our local community. Once the House bill passes during the legislative session, it will take six-months for the DMV to start producing the plates and start distribution. The Riderz License Plate Committee is still accepting design logos for the plate. Submit your design logo soon and be 1 of the 500!

Respect Your Ride - A Smart Rider is a Safe Rider

This year we provided two free group rides during the riding season. With all the ride events going on every year, we felt it was important to provide these resources for motorcyclists. Our riders learned proper hand signals and group riding skills needed to be safe riders. Riders learn what it takes to be a good road captain and a tail gunner. Our goal is to help riders be more confident when riding in large groups. We are always looking for volunteers to help us during these group rides. Contact us directly if you want to help!

Riders Were Ready

* to Practice *

June is National Safety Month. We had our first practice class at Cycle Gear. Motorcyclists learn how to properly and safely position their body when picking up their own bike, how to do a safety bike inspection before and after every ride, what essential tools to carry on a bike, how to prepare for long distance riding trips, know what hazards to watch out for when it comes to debris, steel road plates, pot holes, gravel and construction sites. It was an informative practice class and we had some advanced riders who spoke at this event. We would like to thank Karl Eric Bahr, Robin Sterling, Dave Lobo Tibbetts, Aaron Becraft, Tim Jacobsen and George Tait who shared their valuable knowledge of motorcycling. Next year we will plan to have another practice class but this time it will be in Northern Utah. We are currently searching for a local business that would like to sponsor the location. Stay tune for location and date.
Because of our wonderful Sponsors...
we are able to offer these free services that are educational and fun for the riding community. We hope you join us next year to sharpen your group riding skills.
Thank You Sponsors!
Roberto Hernandez Logo
Utah Bike Law

Welcome our newest Sponsor

Ryan Randall


The Vic Shop

Ryan Randall

Combined Federal Campaign

This year we had the opportunity to participate in the CFC fundraising campaign that began September 23, 2018 and runs through January 8, 2019. This special fundraising lets federal employees and retirees the ability to give through payroll deduction and/or annuity. Over the past 57 years, the federal community has raised more than $8.3 billion through CFC to help those in need. Thousands of charities participate around the world. We had the honor to attend some charity fairs with USPS, IRS and Highway Office.
Motorcycle Therapy
Changing Lives
Saving Lives
VCR Logo

Drive Aware It's Me Out There!

It is great to see communities have these lawn signs up on their yards and windows.
We would like to thank Marques Varela, from The Utah Department of Public Safety for ordering thousands of lawn signs to distribute throughout the whole state of Utah. These signs are available at motorcycle shops, dealers, coffee shops, Hill AFB, DMV offices, stores and restaurants.
Safety is everyone's responsibility.
Want to take your riding skills to the next level? Contact Dan Willoughby

Volunteer Opportunities

We would like to say "Thank You" to our volunteers who helped in making this a great year for the foundation. If you are interested in volunteering (non-riders welcome), please contact us directly. Find out how you can make an impact to your local community.
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Mentorship Program

In 2019, we will be offering a mentorship program for new riders and providing free consultations to potential future motorcyclists. Our goal is to provide riders with resources that are available and create a culture of safety minded individuals.

DPS Family Safety Fair

There were over 1,000+ people that attended the Utah DPS Family Safety Fair. The kids were excited to sit on the bikes while the parents inquired about how to become a motorcyclist. The whole family enjoy seeing all the different style of bikes.
We taught kids to help their parents look out for motorcycles when they are driving in the car. Teach your kids the game "LIKE A BIKE", "SLUG BIKE" or "SQUEEZE A BIKE" when driving or going on road trips. Train them young to watch out for motorcycles. Next years Family Safety Fair is scheduled 6/7/19.

Enough Is Enough!

The Riderz Foundation, Ceasars Motorcycle Empire LLC, Combat Vets and ABATE came together to express the frustration about the unprecedented number of motorcycle deaths in Utah this year. We invited different organizations to come and express their concerns and try to find a solution to the problem. Because of this meeting, we started a petition for texting and driving and got many signatures from concerned citizens.

In September, we invited Rep. Carol Spackman Moss to talk about her distracted driving bill that she will be introducing to legislation next year. Please make sure to call your district legislators and let them know you want them to support the bill.

As of November 12, 2018 we have had the highest number on record 46 motorcycle fatalities, second highest was 45 in 2014. 758 crashes, 145 with serious injuries, 42% were motorcycle only. When another vehicle was involved, 35% of the crashes were vehicles making a left turn.


We had the honor of having Dave Magdiel author of Ride Utah! as one of our special guest speakers at the Utah Moto Connection meeting in March. If you are looking for a book with amazing references to the best destinations in Utah, this is the book for you. You can order his book on Amazon.com.

Bike Nights

2018 was a big year for Bike Nights, there were so many local businesses that had Bike Nights at their establishment. Tucker Speed in Ogden was one of the best bike nights we attended, they had food trucks, live bands and stunt shows. They had a great turn out and everyone seemed to have a good time. Make sure to check Tucker Speed schedule for next years Bike Nights.

Check out... Women Riders Now. This is the #1 Motorcycling Magazine for Women and the Men Who Ride with Them!

2019 Riding Schedule Poster Caesar's Motorcycle Empire
Are you putting on a ride for 2019 and want to know what is the best date to have it? Caesar's Motorcycle Empire LLC will be the gatekeepers of all the scheduled rides. We are trying to keep a central location where people, businesses, organizations can check the available dates before they schedule their riding events, charities or fundraisers. We have seen too many wonderful rides that are for a good cause and because they are scheduled on the same day as the popular riding events, the turn out is low and they don't get the participation they were hoping for. Be part of the solution by contacting Caesars first before scheduling your next riding event. Once you have your dates ready, contact them directly.

Every year Caesar's Motorcycle Empire puts out a beautifully design poster of all the scheduled rides for that year and they get distributed throughout Utah. If you wish to have your logo on their poster, please contact Chell Vogel as soon as possible to reserve your spot. Spaces are limited, so first come first serve. If you have any questions, please contact/text Chell at 801-389-5547 or email her at mfloyd@live.com.
We hope this will help the motorcycle community get more participation for their riding events.
A.B.A.T.E. of Utah is a organization to keep motorcyclists informed of upcoming and pending legislation pertaining to motorcycles and motorcyclist's rights.
Click on the link below to get involved or contact Annette Ault, CEO of Abate.
Biker Down Alerts of Utah - stay up to date on motorcycle accidents in Utah
Ride to Zero is back for its fifth year running to end Veteran suicide on August 24, 2019. With as many as 20 Veterans taking their own lives each day, their goal is to make that number ZERO!
Through their partnership with the University of Utah’s National Center for Veterans Studies (NCVS), all proceeds from Ride to Zero go to further research and sponsor treatment for Veterans.
Vendor booths are available for this event. Contact Ryan at info@ridetozero.com.
This is a great event you don't want to miss.
New Emergency Contact Cards Available

Servant Riders - Motorcyclists For Jesus Ministries

Chaplain Patrick Carver and his wife Sandra along with other members of this Ministry did many Bike Blessings for the motorcycle community this year. They will independently help with organizing a fundraiser or gathering of motorcyclists to go see a child, lead or tail a charity ride or funeral procession. They will not hesitate to help anyone in need and they do it with a big heart. We would like say "Thank You" for all you do for the motorcycle community. If you would like to know more about Servant Riders contact Patrick directly.

Peer Support Group Meeting

In October, we had the honor of having Dr. David Rozek from the University of Utah who came to talk to the members who attended the peer support group meeting. He helped answered many questions about PTSD and trauma. Riders in recovery face many challenges, but knowing they are not alone makes life a little easier. When people come together and share their experiences is when the healing process begins. The next meeting will be 2/12/19. If you know any motorcyclists who have been in a motorcycle accident and feel they need this support, please let them know we are here to help.
If you would like to contribute to our eNewsletter, email us your article and pictures to info@theriderz.foundation. Once reviewed and approved, we will add it to our next eNewsletter.

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