About Us

The Riderz foundation is a non-profit 501(c)3 organization. We connect motorcyclists with resources and advocate safety.

Our Story:

The story began when two riders got into a severe motorcycle accident that was caused by a distracted driver making a left turn that resulted in hospitalization.  Fortunately, both riders survived but went through a grueling recovery process for over a year.   They had their first motorcycle accident support group meeting three weeks after their accident at the rehabilitation center they were staying at.  After their first meeting, they realized there was a need for a foundation that could help motorcyclists come together before, during and after a motorcycle accident.

Services we provide after a motorcycle accident:

  • A Riderz Response Unit composed of volunteers will meet with the injured motorcyclist within the first 48 hours after we receive a help request.
  • Provide a Care Package of the most important necessities while in the hospital accordingly.
  • Assist to educate riders about motorcycle insurance limits, clauses and process.
  • Assist injured riders on scheduling, visits and appointments with the attorney of their choice.
  • Assist the rider in choosing  rehabilitation centers that meet their needs from the selection of their choice .
  • Assist to create visiting schedules for hospital, rehab, and home visits.
  • Assist the rider with proper in-home accommodations (such as ramps for wheelchair access, walker, medical devices: bath stool, bath chair, toilet seats, etc).
  • Help facilitate in-home meal preparations, and organize volunteer delivery schedules.
  • Provide the rider and families a step-by-step guidance on how to handle the challenges after an accident .
  • Offer support and positive words of encouragement through a FREE monthly meetings during the riding season.

We assist  riders regardless of type of motorcycle, religion affiliation, or ethnic background.   In order for the organization to keep its status as a 501(c)(3) non-profit, The Riderz Foundation has a Zero Tolerance Policy, to riders that were “under the influence” the day of their accident.  We also want to make it clear we do not and cannot support riders who are looking to raise money to repair or replace their motorcycle following an accident.

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