If you plan to attend ANY of our rides/events, we highly recommend you review these links & videos below before attending the ride. Our #1 priority is safety.

If this is your first time riding in a group, below are some links to review before the ride:

Know your hand signals? Do you use them when you are riding in a group? You will be surprised how many people DON’T use these safety enhanced skills when riding. If you have a passenger in the back, they too should learn hand signals when riding pillion.

Here is the MSF’s Guide to Group Riding Quick Tips.
Click on the links below to view the PDF files online:



Here is a great article to review for group riding tips about formation. Learn the safety precautions and best practices for motorcycle group riding prior to departing on your adventure! https://www.motorcyclelegalfoundation.com/motorcycle-group-riding-tips/

How to do a Motorcycle Pre-Ride Inspection. Always make sure to do this before and after every ride. https://motoress.com/ride/how-to-do-motorcycle-pre-ride-inspection/#:~:text=Check%20all%20fasteners.,Check%20high%20beam

Here is a great video from MCrider. He’s got some awesome videos on YouTube to review. Check all of them out. https://youtu.be/hQAPTHLg3Go

More Resources:



Ride Route: We will use google maps for all the ride routes.

P.S. Because of the uncertainty of social media platforms and the current climate the nation is faced with, please make sure to always check https://theriderzfoundation.org website for updates and events. We will be using meetup.com and mewe.com for new platforms to post events.

Meetup.com-find us at Utah Motorcycle Riders https://www.meetup.com/Motorcycle…/events/275693453/

Mewe.com-find us at Groups called Utah Motorcycle Riders https://mewe.com/group/5f5a583c699f5d192d6e6f8a

Events and Scheduled Rides for 2021 will be posted on a month to month basis on the main page of this website!

Help us bring awareness to drivers to Be Aware and Always Look Twice!

Please share this PSA to your social media platforms!

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